Posted: November 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

I very often get strange looks from people when I tell them generally how I eat.  The vegetarian thing alone, depending on where in the country I am, gets varying degrees of disgust and horror.  (In Arizona people are fine with it; in California people ask me if I’m lacto-ovo or vegan or pescetarian; in Wisconsin people ask me how I survive and why I would do such a thing; and in North Carolina people were flat-out offended, like I stopped eating meat when I was 11 for the express purpose of someday, far in the future, not eating their barbeque).

But besides my veggie-fabulousness, I eat a lot of things that are supposed to be bad for you, and when I talk about those things people give me this look that says stop fucking lying, you couldn’t possibly eat all that shit.  My diet is kind of a cross between Mediterranean and dairy farmer’s daughter, actually.  When I first started working with Lisa and learning how to eat for my body, this was really hard for me to accept.  I was a teenager in the 90s, the era of fat-free (jack up the sugar so it tastes okay); sugar-free (artificial sweeteners are flat-out toxic); Olestra (fake fat, one of the side effects of which is anal leakage); margarine (that shit is just scary); skim milk (they have to add powdered milk because skim on its own looks blue); canola oil (I have no idea wtf is actually in canola oil); eggs that raise cholesterol (simple carbs raise cholesterol, not eggs); Diet Coke (recent studies show diet sodas increase sugar cravings and make you eat more sugar); and one of my current favorites, corn syrup (diabetes, increased levels of bad cholesterol, fatigue, headaches, low immunity and hormonal imbalances).

And so, in comparison, my current diet of eggs, dairy fat, nuts, avocados, olive oil, fruits and vegetables is supposed to be bad for me.  All that engineered-in-a-lab, fake food is supposed to keep me thin, and right about now I should be a jillion pounds and miserable.  (I honestly think that a lot of this comes from people wanting to increase profits.  There’s a lot more profit in corn syrup than there is in an ear of corn).  Eating this way fixed my #1 health issue (inflammation) and, most days, I don’t think I’m fat.  My eating habits are in no way perfect, but eating ice cream, drinking whole milk (raw milk when I can get it), and making avocado omelets keeps me happy and healthy.

Greek yogurt, strawberries, creamer.  An egg burrito with salsa and cheese.  An apple with peanut butter. Chili with cheese, water, and a glass of milk.  $5.09 for the day.



  1. Canola oil is rapeseed oil. Just another grain…

    NOT the best for you, certainly not the most recommended. Just the cheapest.

    Olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil all COST too much. So agribusiness sells canola.

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